MNB is a platform that conveniently brings the nail technician to clients for nail care services.

Regardless of where you are or what your day looks like, we deliver an experience that fits your modern life and schedule. MNB brings the manicure to you.



Style is unique and our professionals are trained in traditional and current trends in the nail industry. From a traditional nail polish to the most festive nail art, allow us to help express your style.


Avoid the long travels, finding parking, and the long waits. Only available at 6am or 10pm?  no worries! Our professionals are available 6am- 11:0pm, 7 days a week.


Our professionals are certified and fully screened with care, safety, and skillset in mind. Meeting your unique needs is our goal, with quality customer services.


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Imagine working 40+ hours a week and being a full-time graduate student, in Washington, DC, and while finding pleasure in getting your nails done... you were never fully satisfied in the quality of services or customer appreciation when visiting a traditional nail salon...
— MNB Founder KaDeadra McNealy

Hi, I’m KaDeadra McNealy and allow me to walk you through the birth of my baby, MNB (Millennial Nail Bar)...

MNB came about because I saw the need to bridge the gap between the busy working customer and their nail technician, who is up-to-date with the ever changing trends of the nail industry.

Guided by helpful market research, I came to understand what a young, professional, and possible busy mom desired from nail care services and what the nail technician desired from an on-demand cosmetic platform.

MNB’s primary goal is to ensure that the customer is given options beyond “what color polish, would you like today.” The market and trends are always changing, and we ensure that the customer’s experience with MNB is a positive one and that we are changing with it. At MNB we also aim to further the growth and development of our nail technicians as true entrepreneurs. We are able to do this through partnerships with major companies in the industry and advanced training courses. Helping both the customer and the nail technician, MNB is setting the standard of what nail care services is! Come join us on this journey!